Terms and conditions for item collection by courier:

  • Eksprespasts collects customer’s items in customer’s or customer representatives’ premises.

  • Sender should call courier in the previous working day or on the same working day at least 4 hours before the chosen collection time.

  • Until the arrival of courier the sender must prepare the items for collection: each item should be packaged separately and taped with adhesive tape or otherwise ensuring the lack of access to contents during transportation;

  • The sender cannot delay courier during collection of items, otherwise additional charges will be calculated according to Eksprespasts service rates;

  • Sender must ensure such packaging which does not allow to access or damage contents without opening marks and ensures safe transportation of contents.

Collection of items whose weight exceeds 35 kg:

  • Sender should prepare items whose weight exceeds 35 kg for secure transfer on sender’s palette;

  • The loading of items weighting more than 35 kg is ensured by sender with assistance of courier. The unloading is ensured by recipient with assitance of courier.

  • Sender takes responsibility for fragile and easily damagable items which are cumbersome and / or weights more than 35 kg. For these items the sender should additionally mark fields „Fragile” and „Cumbersome” on EKS label.

Courier has the right to deny collection of items in following cases:

  • Packaging of item does not ensure safe transfer of item or the needed information to deliver the service is not indicated.

  • The number of items does not match with the number indicated on accompanying document KR1;

  • Information is missing in accompanying documents.