About Eksprespasts


Eksprespasts ensures the processing and guaranteed „hand-to-hand” delivery of the collected items in whole world. We serve both individuals and companies, and provide delivery of government special items, as well as can provide delivery of large and highly valuable items to addressee.


Eksprespasts offers:

  • The widest network of delivery in Latvia;

  • ability to handle large amounts of postal items;

  • opportunity to send goods in Latvia collecting payment for them with courier acting as intermediary;

  • door-to-door delivery;

  • return of signed documents to sender;

  • written proof of delivery;

  • a possibility to store items in closest postal office to recipient;

  • the widest experience in expressmail services in Latvia;

  • the collection of letter mail from customer and transportation to post;

  • the most favourable prices in comparison with our competitors;

  • Express Mail Service (EMS) – international expressmail items from door to door. 


Additional services provided by Eksprespasts:

  • Cumbersome item;

  • Fragile item;

  • Multiparcel items;

  • Item with cash-on-delivery;

  • Written proof of delivery;

  • Return of documents;

  • Insurance of items;

  • Return of items with expressmail in case of non-delivery after certain period of time.


Additional information about Expressmail services you can read in webpage